Children 6 years and over

In general, treatments on children are usually short and with simple devices. Regular check-ups are important after they turn 6, to evaluate the child’s condition. At these ages we perform preventive and interceptive treatment at our clinic:

    • We detect bad habits that affect dental and bone development and we correct them with devices and rehabilitation exercises. We refer to habits such as sucking a thumb, atypical swallowing due to pacifier, breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, lip incompetence…
    • We correct bone anomalies (mandibular and maxillary)
    • We correct arch deformities that can alter chewing functions and aesthetics.
    • We correct loss of space (in cases of early lost tooth of a baby tooth) to help the definitive tooth to come in or we maintain this space so that it does not happen.
    • We teach and motivate them on oral and dental hygiene.

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