Nuestros Tratamientos


The best treatment is, without a doubt, prevention. This is why prevention is a priority goal at our clinic. Because most of the gum problems are due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque around the teeth, its professional removal avoids oral-dental diseases. Our certified hygienists will train patients in the correct oral hygiene techniques that will lead to the removal of bacterial plaque.

Early detection of oral cancer:

Due to its frequency and repercussion it is very important for all oral-dental health professionals to run tests for the early detection of oral cancer. When there are suspicious lesions biopsy samples will be taken to be analysed by the anatomopathologist.

Prevention of periodontal disease:

The main cause of periodontal disease is the accumulation of bacterial plaque between the teeth. We know, thanks to numerous scientific studies, that regular removal of this plaque by a professional avoids the progression of periodontal disease.