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Teeth whitening

A pretty smile enhances a face, but sometimes coffee, tobacco and bad eating habits and oral-dental hygiene stain the teeth, and therefore “your smile”. Dental whitening lightens the colour of the teeth and dissolves spots without affecting the enamel. We use the latest in dental whitening at our clinic:


New normative about teeth whitening:


In Naranjoacosta Clinic, we develop our treatments according to the new normatives, that is: SPLINT WITH WHITENING AT HOME, with a previous case study and with a no longer duration of 2-3 weeks with a semanal supervisions by the dentist.

In 31 of October 2012 the new NORMATIVE about THEETH WHITENING was introduced:

The normative FORBIDS:

1.-The use of high concentration whitenings in children.
2.-The teeth whitenings with LIGHT ACTIVATION that were applyed in dental clinics.
3.-High concentration whitenings.

The normative JUST ALLOW.

1.-The whitening products, bought in chemistries, aesthetics centers or centers where a dentist supervision doesn´t exist, THEY MUST HAVE A MAXIMUM CARBAMIDA PEROXIDE CONCENTRATION OF 0,3% AND 0,1% IN HIDROGEN PEROXIDE..That low concentration, makes the whitening no effective.

2.-Whitening products in chemistries with a dentist supervision, will have a CARBAMIDA PEROXIDE CONCENTRATION OF 0,3%-0,18% AND 0,1%-0,6% IN HIDROGEN PEROXIDE.

For more information: Publicación del BOE

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