Teeth whitening questions

How does it work?
Whitening is possible thanks to the fact that carbamide peroxide (in general for treatments at home) and hydrogen peroxide (basically for treatments at the clinic) penetrate the enamel and dentine, decomposing the colour molecules and bleaching the teeth. The tooth’s structure is not altered, only its internal colour is lightened.

Will it cause sensitivity?
Sensitivity is a side effect that is common in teeth whitening. Sensitivity is temporary and it goes away once the whitening process is finished. Our clinic has “PF technology”: the fluoride remineralises the enamel while the potassium nitrate acts as an analgesic, reducing sensitivity.

How long will the results last?
Once the teeth have been whitened, they can lose their colour just like those who have not received treatment, due to natural or external factors (tobacco, coffee…). So after 18 or 24 months we should perform a booster whitening.

What does the intensity of the whitening depend on?
It depends on each patient. We have to study each case to assess their expectations.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes, they are not very common: dental trauma, important loss of enamel, cavities, cracks, active periodontal disease, teeth with large restoration work or repeated occlusions, wrongly adjusted composites… a lot of these can be treated and then they can be whitened.