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This is the specialty within Odontology that takes care of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and alterations affecting the gums. Periodontal disease is the most common reason leading to tooth loss in adults and it affects over 80% of the general population. At the Naranjo-Acosta Clinic we offer the most advanced and specific methods and training for the treatment of these problems.
clinica_naranjo_acosta_foto_c_ortodoncia_3a copiaBefore performing a periodontal treatment, a correct personalised diagnosis is essential. X-rays and clinical tests will be run to establish the degree of the disease and a personalised prognosis.
clinica_naranjo_acosta_foto_injerto_2b copiaWhen the gum that covers the roots of the teeth recedes, we provide microsurgical techniques, under local anaesthesia, to recover the lost gum and thus improve the prognosis for the tooth. In most cases a gum graft has to be taken from the palate to cover the exposed root. These techniques cause practically no discomfort to the patient after the operation.
clinica_naranjo_acosta_foto_blanq_1a copiaThere are certain deformities due to excess or defect of gums that compromise the aesthetics and basically the aesthetics of your smile. At our clinic we have the most advanced surgical techniques to correct these deformities.
clinica_naranjo_acosta_foto_regeneracion_3a copiaIn certain circumstances bone loss caused by periodontal disease can be regenerated. There are several biomaterials and proteins that stimulate bone formation that may be used in specific cases.
clinica_naranjo_acosta_foto_micro_per_3b copiaAll of the surgical procedures at our clinic are performed with magnification techniques, which allow us to more precisely manipulate the tissue and achieve faster healing with less discomfort.
clinica_naranjo_acosta_foto_halitosis_1a copiaBad breath or halitosis is a health problem with important social repercussions that affect a large portion of the population. Once other causes have been discarded, we must make a correct diagnosis to establish its etiology and thus focus on the specific solution.
laserIn periodontics we have a new ARM, in the clinic NARANJO ACOSTA, PIONEER IN MALAGA, we have a new technology to fight the BIOFILM or DENTAL PLAQUE. It´s a system that apply LIGHT in a PARTICULAR WAVE LENGHT, that acts inside the PERIODONTAL BAG contributing to the DENTAL PLAQUE elimination